Trump’s respect of Putin and Russian national sovereignty being painted as betrayal of America by pro-Hillary Establishment elites

The reason the US Establishment imperialist elites are claiming Donald Trump is a Russian agent is because he RESPECTS Putin and Russian national sovereignty. He isn’t interested in forcing Russia to accept American hegemony, and respects them as an alternative superpower (along with China) distinct from America.

In the minds of the Establishment Imperialist Elites, accepting another country’s power in its own right is akin to betrayal of American Empire, and by extension betrayal of America itself.

In their minds, you are either a faithful promulgator of American hegemonic empire and squash any counter-hegemony like a cockroach, or you are a traitor and in bed with the enemy, as they paint Drumpf as being.

The US Establishment firmly believes “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us”-the world cannot handle BOTH a powerful America AND a powerful Russia

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