The snobbish hypocrisy of corporate media

Ezra Klein has a sophisticated way of putting shallow, self-indulgent platitudes, so people think his bullshit articles and videos contain actual thought. All the trappings and status of being an “intellectual”, none of the actual thinking.

Also, the corporate media and Hillary Clinton (who went to Trump’s wedding)’s faux outrage at Trump’s racism, sexism, Islamophobia, general buffoonery is so insulting to the intelligence of the American public, it’s almost funny. I’d be willing to bet that Klein is more worried about how embarrassed he’d feel having Donald Trump as President than the effect Trump would have on Mexicans, women, or Muslims. He’s also probably glad he has a convenient justification in trying to silence poor and working class rural white people. The corporate media only cares about racism when it comes from poor white people from the rural South and Midwest, not when it comes from rich white people from the urban Northeast and West Coast.

They’d like Bernie supporters to shut up also, but they treat us with somewhat more respect than they treat Trump supporters because we tend to come from higher socioeconomic backgrounds and are more likely to live in or around major cities. So the fact that we are expressing ourselves is not intrinsically offensive to Ezra Klein and Co., we are merely expressing the wrong views. It is hilarious to see them try to grapple with the paradox of how we could want a more egalitarian politics not merely out of benevolence but for our own sakes as well. The neoliberal gravy train has left the station, and as an upper middle class millennial you can be completely selfish and still realize that. I’m not a saint or an ascetic nor do I wish to be. I’m as fascinated by glitz and glamour and spectacle as anyone I know, but there is no future in a politics based on being in awe of a fabulous carnival of power and capital flying around in all different directions. It is intoxicating to watch in a movie or TV show or to read about as pertains to the history of neoliberalism (Reagan, Bill Clinton, Obama, Hillary Clinton. Eras, not just administrations. The anti-aestheticism of today’s Republican Party makes me not put either of the Bushes on there.), but it does not promise any livable future anymore.

I am certainly not condoning any of the racist violence that has happened at Trump rallies, just pointing out how convenient it was for the corporate media to use it to demonize the entirety of Trump’s supporters. The media pretends to be disgusted by Trump, but they love him: he’s a scapegoat for his fan club


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