The Elite Fear of the Beginning of the End of Capitalism

It’s the idea that the free flow of capital might be encumbered that seems genuinely terrifying to people who live, eat, breathe, drink, sleep capitalism. It’s partially about greed and monstrous selfishness but it’s also about capitalism itself. Bernie is still a capitalist but he is a Keynesian New Deal capitalism, so we’d be moving to a less intense capitalism, which would open the door for capitalism reaching its conclusion and moving on to something else-not sure what comes next, but SOMETHING- postcapitalism. The uber capitalist CEOs, corporate execs, Wall Street financiers, lobbyists, fossil fuel executives, etc. know that if capitalism gets slowed down with Bernie that’s the beginning of the transition OUT of capitalism, the beginning of the end. So the 0.01% are fighting to preserve capitalism itself indefinately, even if it destroys the planet, because the idea of the beating heart of profit not pumping out more and more flows of capital lifeblood indefinitely actually seems like being buried alive to some of them-capitalism is what’s alive about life to them. I don’t even mean that in a snarky way. There are definitely a lot of sociopaths in the elite where it’s pure selfishness and cruelty, but I think the wealth and power establishment OVERALL it’s more fear than cruelty, and the sociopathic elites channel the non-sociopathic elites fear of the beginning of the end of capitalism into a tidal wave of hostility and hatred towards the 99.99%


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