How the Clinton Empire was Built, Part One

Their personalities are very different but perfectly complementary for exploitation and mass scale charity fraud. Bill is charismatic, outgoing, fun loving, dynamic, imaginative, friendly, smooth talking, flirtatous, relaxed poor Arkansas boy who can sell anyone anything, make friends with anyone, and make bullshit sound cutting edge and exciting; Hillary is an incredibly eloquent, elegant, phenomenally brilliant, genteel, intense, confident, reactionary, robust, cold, standoffish yet subtly domineering, natural leader and businesswoman middle class Chicago suburbs WASP girl who can balance a million things in her head at once and makes you feel like you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread if you break down her haughty arrogance and become part of her in crowd.

As far as similarities go, they both are very creative/inventive in terms of financial and business opportunities, have great verbal skills and are outstanding public speakers, are incredibly good at manipulating people, have little to no empathy, compassion, or morals but are skilled at appearing empathetic (Bill is the “I feel your pain” “everyone has a story” down home Southerner and Hillary is the firm but “kind” and “maternal” matriarch/queen), believe in endless modernization and economic growth as what political leadership is, and have a literally insatiable desire for money, power, prestige, glamour, status, luxury, fashionableness, excitement, danger, and control over others.


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