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Henry Kissinger is at the Root of our current crisis with Hillary Clinton

It’s difficult to overestimate just how important Henry Kissinger is to Hillary Clinton’s rise to power, both in terms of their relationship and in terms of the precedent he set for her as Secretary of State. As Secretary of State under Nixon and Ford Kissinger built the global and international network and infrastructure for a shadow State Department government that would have no accountability to the POTUS, Congress, or most importantly, the American people, and would build a One World Government.

Based on what I know about Nixon, he probably voluntarily allowed his formal authority to be undermined in pursuit of Kissinger’s esoteric geopolitical endgames, but I don’t know about Ford. I really don’t know much about Gerald Ford at all.

Kissinger’s hubris and subversion of the POTUS did not stop with his Secretary of State positions but continued through his role in the Trilateral Commission when Jimmy Carter was POTUS, as shown by when he said over the phone to the Prime Minister of Canada: “Jimmy Carter is not the President of the United States of America. The Trilateral Commission is the President of the United States of America. I represent the Trilateral Commission.”

Kissinger also promoted false flag attacks as a wonderful way to control people and make people voluntarily surrend their own freedoms for safety at a Bilderberg meeting:

“Today, Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow, they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.”-Henry Kissinger at a 1991 Bilderberg meeting in Evian, France. A Swiss delegate transcribed this from the tape recording.

Important to keep in mind regarding the UN’s Strong Cities Initiative, terrifyingly enough 😦 (A proposed global federalized police force through the UN starting in major world cities and gradually spreading to cities that are less and less prominent on the world stage, as globalization is typically a trickle down kind of thing.)

Loretta Lynch recently promoted the Strong Cities Initiative, so I’m not sure where in the process it is. I’m sure there will be global resistance. Her promotion of SCI happened after she and Bill Clinton met on her private plane in Arizona.

Also important to keep in mind regarding Hillary’s promulgation of Islamophobia and Russophobia (in the literal sense of phobia, as in terror, not merely prejudice.)

Henry taught Hillary the tricks of the trade of how to operate a parallel shadow globalist State Department that would undermine the POTUS, Congress, and the national sovereignty and existential freedom of the United States. Nixon, Ford, and even on some macro level Carter (though through more covert and convoluted means than with Nixon or Ford-Kissinger resigned under Carter because Carter is a good person, unlike Kissinger or Nixon.) were to a large extent puppets of Kissinger and his State Deparments (plural), just as Obama has been to a large extent a puppet of Hillary and her State Departments. Examples include Hillary’s coercion of Obama into the NATO led assassination of Qaddafi/Gaddafi to prevent his gold dinar from massively weakening the dollar and the euro and making it harder for America and Western Europe to afford the amount of Middle Eastern/Arabic/Gulf State/North African/OPEC oil we/they want; and she and her State Departments’ use of Obama as a mouthpiece to sell the TPP to the American people (including on Jimmy Fallon) (Hillary and her official State Department helped design, craft, draft, and write the TPP. Obama had no hand in its design.)

He also likely helped build her network with his Who’s Who of connections in Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission.

I don’t know the role Kissinger played in Hillary’s shadow State Department but I do know that he called the Assistant Deputy Secretary of Near East Affairs (part of the State Department) requesting a meeting with Hillary to give her counsel on Israel. He also wrote two books promoting his megalomania during Hillary’s time as Secretary of State: “On China” (of course he and Nixon were instrumental in making China a fundamental part of United States foreign policy, and antagonism towards China because of the threat they represent, economically, militarily, culturally, logistically, and geopolitically, to American/NATO/Western European capitalist New World Order. The TPP and TiSA are acts of economic aggression towards China, just as TTIP and TiSA are acts of economic aggression towards Russia.) and “World Order”.

It’s unclear to what extent Hillary’s secondary shadow State Department was in communication and contact with her official State Department with Jake Sullivan and Cheryl Mills, although important to determine. Huma Abiden, who has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, was the only member of the official State Department that helped Hillary operate her shadow State Department in concert with George Soros and Teneo (global corporate intelligence consulting firm), which is why Abiden was simultaneously on State Department payroll, Clinton Foundation Payroll, and Teneo payroll.

The Elite Fear of the Beginning of the End of Capitalism

It’s the idea that the free flow of capital might be encumbered that seems genuinely terrifying to people who live, eat, breathe, drink, sleep capitalism. It’s partially about greed and monstrous selfishness but it’s also about capitalism itself. Bernie is still a capitalist but he is a Keynesian New Deal capitalism, so we’d be moving to a less intense capitalism, which would open the door for capitalism reaching its conclusion and moving on to something else-not sure what comes next, but SOMETHING- postcapitalism. The uber capitalist CEOs, corporate execs, Wall Street financiers, lobbyists, fossil fuel executives, etc. know that if capitalism gets slowed down with Bernie that’s the beginning of the transition OUT of capitalism, the beginning of the end. So the 0.01% are fighting to preserve capitalism itself indefinately, even if it destroys the planet, because the idea of the beating heart of profit not pumping out more and more flows of capital lifeblood indefinitely actually seems like being buried alive to some of them-capitalism is what’s alive about life to them. I don’t even mean that in a snarky way. There are definitely a lot of sociopaths in the elite where it’s pure selfishness and cruelty, but I think the wealth and power establishment OVERALL it’s more fear than cruelty, and the sociopathic elites channel the non-sociopathic elites fear of the beginning of the end of capitalism into a tidal wave of hostility and hatred towards the 99.99%

The snobbish hypocrisy of corporate media

Ezra Klein has a sophisticated way of putting shallow, self-indulgent platitudes, so people think his bullshit articles and videos contain actual thought. All the trappings and status of being an “intellectual”, none of the actual thinking.

Also, the corporate media and Hillary Clinton (who went to Trump’s wedding)’s faux outrage at Trump’s racism, sexism, Islamophobia, general buffoonery is so insulting to the intelligence of the American public, it’s almost funny. I’d be willing to bet that Klein is more worried about how embarrassed he’d feel having Donald Trump as President than the effect Trump would have on Mexicans, women, or Muslims. He’s also probably glad he has a convenient justification in trying to silence poor and working class rural white people. The corporate media only cares about racism when it comes from poor white people from the rural South and Midwest, not when it comes from rich white people from the urban Northeast and West Coast.

They’d like Bernie supporters to shut up also, but they treat us with somewhat more respect than they treat Trump supporters because we tend to come from higher socioeconomic backgrounds and are more likely to live in or around major cities. So the fact that we are expressing ourselves is not intrinsically offensive to Ezra Klein and Co., we are merely expressing the wrong views. It is hilarious to see them try to grapple with the paradox of how we could want a more egalitarian politics not merely out of benevolence but for our own sakes as well. The neoliberal gravy train has left the station, and as an upper middle class millennial you can be completely selfish and still realize that. I’m not a saint or an ascetic nor do I wish to be. I’m as fascinated by glitz and glamour and spectacle as anyone I know, but there is no future in a politics based on being in awe of a fabulous carnival of power and capital flying around in all different directions. It is intoxicating to watch in a movie or TV show or to read about as pertains to the history of neoliberalism (Reagan, Bill Clinton, Obama, Hillary Clinton. Eras, not just administrations. The anti-aestheticism of today’s Republican Party makes me not put either of the Bushes on there.), but it does not promise any livable future anymore.

I am certainly not condoning any of the racist violence that has happened at Trump rallies, just pointing out how convenient it was for the corporate media to use it to demonize the entirety of Trump’s supporters. The media pretends to be disgusted by Trump, but they love him: he’s a scapegoat for his fan club

The politics of life itself. The need for a love of life.

If we do not find an alternative to neoliberalism, it will simply destroy all life on this planet, which it is already beginning to do.

Unlike what Margaret Thatcher said, there are many alternatives to neoliberalism; part of its logic is to see itself as practical and the only option, in spite of being a tremendously extravagant and violent system. There are many possible alternatives we could try, things that have existed in the past and things that people are cooking up right now, but we need to try one of those alternatives if we wish to get off the course towards human extinction we are on right now.

To neoliberalism, life itself has no value aside from its market use; as a commodity to invest value in; as something plain and empty that needs extravagant ornamentation so it isnt oppressively boring. This is part of neoliberalism’s charm, as it can seem exciting and sexy. I like dynamicism and flamboyance also. Unfortunately this conceals neoliberalism’s hatred of life. In the neoliberal logic of experiences as commodities, if you are not living an exciting music video life, you are unbearably bored and numb. Commodifiable exhilaration, to invest in yourself as human capital, or pure numbness. Excitement is important; life would get monotonous is everything was pleasantly moderate.

Moving forward, we need a politics that values life as LIFE, as something wonderful and important all on its own. Not as a moment of introspection but in practice. There is no place for life, on an existential and metaphysical level but also ultimately a literal level, in the hegemony of neoliberalism. In order for life to continue being livable, we have to take it into account. It seems too grandiose and too austere at the same time, but that is part of the trap of neoliberalism disguised as pragmatism. Life can only be livable if we stop treating it as flavorless vanilla ice cream to pour the hot fudge of market growth on.

“Schopenhauer used to say “life is a business that doesn’t cover its costs”. This is untrue, not because life covers its costs in the end, but because life is simply not a business. Yet, in recent times it has become one.”-Martin Heidegger, “An Introduction to Metaphysics”.

How the Clinton Empire was Built, Part One

Their personalities are very different but perfectly complementary for exploitation and mass scale charity fraud. Bill is charismatic, outgoing, fun loving, dynamic, imaginative, friendly, smooth talking, flirtatous, relaxed poor Arkansas boy who can sell anyone anything, make friends with anyone, and make bullshit sound cutting edge and exciting; Hillary is an incredibly eloquent, elegant, phenomenally brilliant, genteel, intense, confident, reactionary, robust, cold, standoffish yet subtly domineering, natural leader and businesswoman middle class Chicago suburbs WASP girl who can balance a million things in her head at once and makes you feel like you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread if you break down her haughty arrogance and become part of her in crowd.

As far as similarities go, they both are very creative/inventive in terms of financial and business opportunities, have great verbal skills and are outstanding public speakers, are incredibly good at manipulating people, have little to no empathy, compassion, or morals but are skilled at appearing empathetic (Bill is the “I feel your pain” “everyone has a story” down home Southerner and Hillary is the firm but “kind” and “maternal” matriarch/queen), believe in endless modernization and economic growth as what political leadership is, and have a literally insatiable desire for money, power, prestige, glamour, status, luxury, fashionableness, excitement, danger, and control over others.