Some Pretentious Poetry I Wrote

#1: Into?

The Leap

Is necessary

Is ____

Not “now” but just ___


No planning

No guidelines


No recommendation

No guidelines

No hope

No plan

No relief

Only fog

Only vulnerability

#2: The event of the Event

After the leap

Has been transcribed

From the outside

Next comes the Event

The Event shakes

It happens

It forgets

What happened before

Nothing but a



The name is its own


The spectacle that interrupts

Fallout from the leap

Frozen frame


The trauma of the picturesque

Pages, books, pens, pencils vanished

Entire libraries illegible

Or pulverized

Vocabularies, flaccid, inert

All nouns sound like verbs

The sound stops being “the sound”

Its sounding of itself

Drowns out the lesser violence

Of “the sound”

When the screech can’t even be called sound anymore

Screeching beyond its own identity

But white noise saves us

From the tyranny of the verb

As we grasp onto naming this alarm-ing as an event


It is unfuckable

We hope to eclipse the happening of the happening

By declaring it a happening

By which all velocities, all velocitizing

Can be claimed, cartographed onto the event-map

The map as Event

The Event as map

The Event belongs neither to binary oppositions nor eludes them

For it sits at the vocal point of itself

The center of surprise

As our replacement after paradox no longer gives a shit

So it stakes its claim to capturing what is uncapturable

And preserving its elusiveness

While giving us some juicy meat to gnaw on

Planning a masterpiece of how we’ll knock ourselves on our ass next

As the velocities fuck the Event

The Event fatigues

Until it collapses on itself

But that only makes another Event

Velocities flow

What else could they do?

Stop flowing!

Show us mercy

At least long enough to become an Event

The velocities congeal to make you numb

Congealed, rigorous velocities without numbness

Is the epitome of what the Event wants

#3-The Event is not conservative

The Event is not a straitjacket

Not a fascist force oppressing libidinal velocities

It happens, though, at the most and least fascist of times

The happening of the vibrating thing is in the world

The rumble is encompassed, hugged by the world

Like symbiosis

The infrastructure of World holds the vibration in place

Giving it its architecture

As the rumble goes through the world

Its home’s richness is shown when the world is seen as World

Nothing beyond the cocoon

The cocoon and I snuggle

We empty out hyperbole together

“Natural Splendor” is nihilistic

So we negate that too

After the spreadsheet has been balance

The mellow richness of the world’s World

So often “functioning” as an all encompassing everything-itude

But the velvety richness

Only encompasses mini-Worlds

Called luxuriously naïve

There is no pure nature

So the World-ing Event is planned

As a surprise party for everyone

With delicious explosions of flavour

That is progress

Nouns that verb

Like a speeding bullet

Special effects: slow motion bullet time

But just a preparation for the explosion

Literal and figurative

And the Totality of the Event

Go to the movies, see Events

Events on the news

Other Events happen

War of the Events

How can it work?

The Event

Never was

Endless events

How can each Event retain its singularity now:

So the clocks will all be reset to completely different times?


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