Being Celebratory But Not Complacent: Part One (?)

Sometime later today or tomorrow I’ll try to make a more in depth post about gay marriage. For now I just want to mention how you can both celebrate/be happy about gay marriage AND realize that the victory is a victory primarily for those of us that are already fairly comfortable, and that there is much greater oppression facing LGBTQ people, especially Trans people, homeless LGBTQ youth, LGBTQ people who are poor or of colour, LBGTQ people in homo/trans phobic countries or even parts of the US, etc.

It is even possible to retain a queer or “queer lite” opposition to marriage as compulsory and normalizing, and want to keep the project of creating new forms of relating to and being with one another that gay men and lesbians have developed in absence of recourse to heteronormative relational models (akin to what Michel Foucault talks about in his interview “Friendship as a Way of Life”), which I think benefits EVERYONE, and which often involves resistance to marriage, while still being happy for your/our gay brothers and lesbian sisters who ARE extremely exciting about being able to get married.

In other words, it is both possible, and I would even say important, to feel victorious without becoming complacent.


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