Trump’s respect of Putin and Russian national sovereignty being painted as betrayal of America by pro-Hillary Establishment elites

The reason the US Establishment imperialist elites are claiming Donald Trump is a Russian agent is because he RESPECTS Putin and Russian national sovereignty. He isn’t interested in forcing Russia to accept American hegemony, and respects them as an alternative superpower (along with China) distinct from America.

In the minds of the Establishment Imperialist Elites, accepting another country’s power in its own right is akin to betrayal of American Empire, and by extension betrayal of America itself.

In their minds, you are either a faithful promulgator of American hegemonic empire and squash any counter-hegemony like a cockroach, or you are a traitor and in bed with the enemy, as they paint Drumpf as being.

The US Establishment firmly believes “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us”-the world cannot handle BOTH a powerful America AND a powerful Russia

The US Elites’ motivations against Putin

I’ve been wondering to what extent the following things are motivating the hostility of the CIA/deep state/Obama/Hillary/Pentagon/State Department/military industrial complex/shadow government/non central US intelligence agencies towards Putin and Russia:

1. Putin‘s hostility towards George Soros, which includes a dead or alive warrant for him, and imprisonment for anyone found involved in his Open Society Foundation shadow government, and banning the OSF from setting up chapters in Russia.

2. Putin‘s hostility towards the Rothschilds, which includes banning them from setting up a central bank in Russia and I believe also banning them from setting foot on Russian soil

3. Putin‘s hostility towards Monsanto

4. Putin‘s hostility towards GMO food, which may include a ban on GMOs in Russia (I”m not positive) and his attempt to try to get Russia to use the backlash in the West against GMOs and Monsanto as a business opportunity through the production of organic and non GMO food (which would mean Americans could potentially be eating Russian imported food instead of Monsanto or McDonald’s or Burger King)

5. Putin‘s possession of a significant amount of American uranium, which I believe Hillary Clinton was involved in some capacity in selling to him

6. Putin‘s desire to nationalize Russian oil and gas, which would mean it could not be controlled or utilized by American fossil fuel companies like Exxon Mobil and Halliburton, many of which have connections to the deep state

7. Something relating to his alliance with Assad and Syria

8. Something relating to his alliance with China as an alternative economic powerhouse to the American-centered global economy

9. Something relating to his desire to create a national, gold backed currency

I’d love if the hostility of our elites towards Putin related to his censorship, homophobia, and persecution of journalists, government workers, and other of his own citizens, but somehow I doubt that is the case.

I am curious what people think, both about the various factors I mentioned and about any other factors I may be overlooking